Kids books are not childish.

Some of my favorite books were kids books, but they were far from simple. While I have forgotten the plot, I remember the moments where I read a book with an adult.

In 2nd grade, it was with my teacher, Mr. Cole. I didn’t really know English so he and I spent our readings on an individual level. (We read outside. Frog and Toad. Maybe?) Like many Hispanic readers, I too read Too Many Tamales.

I’m happy I have one moment where I can hear my dad making me laugh when he read me stories.

A Pile of Kids Books. Credit: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

When my friend and I went to our school counselor, she used a book and starbursts to talk to us about the ability to trust adults with our secrets.

I read some books in Spanish and English about fear. What Was I Scared of? and Stefan’s Secret Fears. The first was probably fun to read aloud, but I don’t really remember too much. The second book has a great cover, I read that one in Spanish.

I had other books, like the Magic Tree House series that maybe sparked my interest in history.

The Giving Tree should get its own section, “giving” it’s popularity.

Without kids books, you couldn’t event use that Dr. Seuss quote during graduation.

(I guess I have to quote Emerson…again.)

What children’s books were special to you?

If you want to read What Was I Scared Of? you can click here. It’ll take you to another blog inspired by Dr. Seuss.

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